Women Empowerment

Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation is committed to impact and bring a positive change in the lives of millions of women across West Bengal and India at large. Foundation is working on different programs to achieve this women empowerment goal. The Foundation works for providing justice to women and being a facilitator to upscale their strata and work for their upliftment. Being said that The Foundation has taken initiatives like

  • Shelter for destitute women where they get free medical, legal and social assistance to upgrade their life and empowering them socially and economically
  • Healthcare Training Programs of HCA (Healthcare Assistants) and CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants) as well as for Entrepreneurship Management in Public Health. The training program will also cater to district level healthcare professionals to train themselves in a comprehensive manner for advanced healthcare delivery programs.
  • Awareness and Advocacy for the Rights and Equality for women through Digital platforms, Outreach and Collaborations to speak up on Policy Reforms.
  • Awareness and Advocacy to combat female foeticide and infanticide through digital platforms and On Ground Activities.
  • Maternal and Child Health Centre India (MCH) :

The MCH India in collaboration with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ,began with a grand vision of Dr. Pradip Ghosh to highlight India’s strengths and talents, elevate knowledge and learning and build a world class school of public health in India. The center was established in January 2020 with generous support from the Foundation.

Foundation is constantly working towards the empowerment of women from weaker sections of the society.