Founder-Chairman, Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation

Dr. Pradip K Ghosh -An educator, entrepreneur, a philanthropist and Founder of Pradip and Kumkum Ghosh Family Foundation. Dr. Ghosh who is settled in Maryland, USA, has been instrumental in various social services and contributed more than INR 40 crores for the operation of charitable hospitals, maintaining more than 500 orphan children, destitute and handicapped women, funding libraries, schools and athletic facilities and many community development projects, both in the USA and West Bengal.

His Foundation owns and operates 12 Montessori schools, one International Baccalaureate / STEM School in USA & one CBSE, International Baccalaureate / STEM School in India, and two large 110 unit assisted living facility in Maryland, USA along with several other large commercial projects and has been involved in numerous philanthropic activities for the past 35 years.

Hailing from Khardah, West Bengal, Dr. Ghosh has always felt the urge to uplift the socio-healthcare face of the state. It is his vision and dedicated passion that has always driven him to serve for the causes of the society.

His mission is to create forums where people can come together to help various social causes. His contribution to Johns Hopkins is a huge step for the establishment of Johns Hopkins University India Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Research Center and the Vaccine Research Center in West Bengal- the first of its kind in India.

Dr. Pradip K Ghosh had moved to the United States for his graduate studies in 1968. He has received his doctorate with major focus in economics and engineering from State university of New York, a diploma in international law from London and graduation In Leadership studies from Harvard University. He taught at major universities in USA for 22 years. He has worked in the private sector as President of a Washington think tank, and as consultant to several international agencies. He served as commissioner of the Howard County Human Rights Commission. He has published 22 books and numerous research papers on international trade and development of third world countries. Many of his authored books published by Greenwood Praeger, have been used by major universities as textbooks.

Dr. Ghosh was awarded Outstanding Scholar in Third World Development by the Global Development Conference in collaboration with USAID. He has been awarded the First Prize in the Eisaku Sato Memorial Essay Contest, a worldwide event organized by the United Nations and the Japanese government and won $200,000 for Innovative research project organized by the World Bank. He has received more than fifteen awards from various academic and research and social service organizations.

Dr. Ghosh is the Chairman of World Congress of Religions. He has initiated, financed and developed the Washington Kali Temple on a 9-acre pristine land near Washington DC. A true Indian temple serving all religious faiths of India.