Covid Outreach & Support

    • During Pandemic, Foundation has provided Community Support at large through liaising with State Health Department and District CHMOs (West Bengal) and other related organizations and successfully –

      ❖ Donated 350 oxygen concentrators units to save lives of those at such unprecedented times of huge oxygen demand in India.

      ❖ Conducted Community based and household Rapid Antigen testing (RAT) to scale up the testing processes and also by limiting exposure of the virus in the rural sectors of West Bengal.

      Foundation is working on various aspects of Communicable and Chronic diseases, scopes of prevention of associated diseases of COVID, Translational Research and Developments, Impact assessment to bring a positive change in the current scenario.

      We are also working on Impact of COVID-19 on people as they are sufferers of depression, anxiety symptoms due to COVID, lockdown, death in the family, job loss and other reasons. We are actively providing Awareness, Advocacy and Implementation for creating Safe and Inclusive spaces for the primary stakeholders and beneficiaries.